Iglesia del Pilar


When the rich people of Buenos Aires left their proud mansions of the south fleeing from the pox epidemic burst, they choose to rebuild their lives in the northern areas of the city. They picked this spot as the center from which to plan and build their new city. The Iglesia del Pilar, a mixed classic and Renaissance style church of sober architecture was then the cultural and gathering center of the wealthy people of the city.  

It was designed by Giovanni Andrea Bianchi, on the year 1732. On the years 1930 to 1945, the architect André Millé restored the building, taking out all the modifications made during the XIX Century with the doubtful purpose to "make her look more beautiful". And so it is that the Pas-de-Calais ceramic tiles of the dome and tower and the spherical clock survived until today.  In the interior, the style from the late European baroque period is noticeable in its six lateral chapels and the ornaments  of the main altar. But even with that European influence, the silver front of the altar has an Inca sun, in remarkable "local" style. That is the mark of the local indigenous artists who helped build the temple in those  early times of Argentine history.

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